About us

Who are we?

We — Mēness aptieka, Centrālā laboratorija and polyclinics of Veselības centru apvienība — are a group of strong companies that every day, in more than 330 locations throughout Latvia, make your path to a healthy life easier, with special care, constantly reminding: "The main thing is health!"

What are we doing?

We are here for you and easily accessible to responsibly take care of a healthy lifestyle and well-being, modern diagnostics, and a variety of outpatient treatments. Our common efforts and synergy underpin the unique benefits of using our services in more than 330 locations throughout Latvia.

What do we believe?

We rely on the professionalism and modern achievements in medicine. We believe that accessible healthcare makes our community happier and healthier.

What opportunities do we offer?

In the name of your health, we have joined our forces, creating a group of strong enterprises whose care is directed to each of you. That is our concern for the possibilities of a healthy lifestyle, diagnostics, and treatment, constantly reminding: "The main thing is health!"

A wide range of medicines and other pharmacy products, knowledgeable specialists, modern technologies and innovations, rich information base, wide range of complementary services, stable and well-thought-out logistics, as well as affordable prices and excellent offers, serve for the benefit of your health in all companies of our group.



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